Vietnam – US : Enhance cooperation in technology selection for developing nuclear power

In Hanoi, 28 October 2013, Minister of Science and Technology – Mr. Nguyen Quan has had a meeting with Mr. Jeffrey A.Benjamin – Vice president of Westinghouse, who is in charge for exporting Nuclear power plant.



In the meeting, Mr Jeffrey A.Benjamin has introduced to Minister Nguyen Quan about experiences of Westinghouse in constructing and developing nuclear power, especially prominent feature of AP-1000 technology – this technology is being deployed in China and U.S.


Besides that, Mr Jeffrey also express the will to support Vietnam in developing young engineer in Nuclear power field, build up the legal document system and document for information progating for public concern about Nuclear power in Vietnam. “ Signing this 123 Agreement with US is an important activity for Vietnam to build and develop the nuclear power, This also create the chance for US companies to cooperate with Vietnam in Nuclear power in the future” Mr. Jeffrey A.Benjamin said.


 Minister Nguyen Quan highly appreciated the supportive act of Westinghouse in building up and develop Nuclear power in Vietnam in the past. This cooperation will be strengthen when Vietnam sign the 123 agreement with US. This act express the point of view of Vietnam for considering widen the cooperation with IAEA and countries with advanced nuclear technology like US and once again positively the commitment for developing Nuclear power with safety and efficient.


Even though, after Fukushima accident in Japan, Vietnam always bring safety and security to be number 1 priority along with economy efficiency. Because of that, Vietnam government highly rates the proven technology in Nuclear power all over the world and AP-1000 of Westinghouse is one of that.


After the meeting, Minister Nguyen Quan express his will to be continuously received support from Westinghouse Corporation in building up legal framework and human resources development with high quality to ensure the operation of Nuclear power in Vietnam with safety in the future.