Seminar on New X-Ray Imaging Technology Applied in Science and Industry


On March 14, 2018, at the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM), a seminar on “New X-ray imaging technology applied in science and industry” was held.


Attending the seminar were foreign experts from Hakuto (Singapore) and Hamamatsu (Japan), and Vietnam side’s representatives, including Dr. Nguyen Hao Quang and Dr. Tran Ngoc Toan, Vice Presidents of VINATOM, MSc. Bui Dang Hanh, Acting Deputy Head of International Cooperation Department, VINATOM,  Dr. Tran Kim Tuan, Director of School of Nuclear Engineering and Environmental Physics (SNEEP) – HUST; Dr.  Nguyen Van Thai, Deputy Director of SNEEP, and staff from SNEEP, Bach Mai Hospital, K Hospital and units under VINATOM such as Instute of Nuclear Science and Techniques, Center for Non-Destructive Evaluation, Hanoi Radiation Center.



At the seminar, the participants were introduced to Hamamatsu company (Japan), categories of its products; electronic lights, X-ray tubes, microfocus X-ray tubes and X-ray cameras, CT scan technology used in non-destructive testing, new development related to radiation safety and image processing in industry and medicine. The applications of new X-ray imaging technology in medicine such as early detection of diseases including severe cancer, or in industry such as non-destructive testing of minor defects in the product, water and food quality examination, enhancing the control of product quality were also emphasized at the workshop.


In the Q&A section, the foreign experts have answered many questions related to the specifications of X-ray tubes, suggesting the idea of implementing digital imaging techniques instead of normal X-ray film in NDT technique, consulting with the participants  from HUST on the type of microfocus X-ray generator used in the upcoming topic.


Pham Thi Thu Trang, Department of Planning and R&D Management