Functions & Duties



Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute is a special ranked scientific organization under Ministry of Science and Technology, of which function is to assist Minister to perform duties including basic research, application and deployment of research results in the field of atomic energy, technical support for governmental management on atomic energy, radiation and nuclear safety, education and training in the field.



  1. To provide professional insights to the formulation of state directions, policies, strategies, planning and projects for atomic energy development in Vietnam, and participate in the establishment of legal and regulatory documents related to atomic energy;
  2. To conduct fundamental research in the field of nuclear science and technology;
  3. To implement national science and technology projects in the area of nuclear energy; to appraise comprehensively projects and programs in the area of nuclear energy as required;
  4. To play the role as an independent organization that provides technical support at national level in quality control, quality assessment for construction, devices, nuclear safety and security assurance, as well as envinronment protection in assistting the nuclear power plant programme;
  5. To study and develop the application of nuclear techniques and radiation technology in various economic and industrial fields of the country;
  6. To research, adopt, master and develop science and technology related to nuclear power plant construction and operation;
  7. To conduct postgraduate education and training activities for technical staff of atomic energy field;
  8. To convey science and technology services; transfer research achievements to mass production; develop and manufacture research achievements on experimental scale;
  9. To organize investment business, import and export in the area of atomic energy;
  10. To provide consultancy services on: project planning, supervision and verification, evaluation of design files and cost estimates of investment programs and projects as well as construction works in the field of atomic energy according to the provisions of law.
  11. To perform the cooperation and collaboration with different organizations, individuals, both domestically and internationally, in terms of R&D, education and training in the field of nuclear energy.