Công trình công bố quốc tế năm 2015


Trong năm 2015 Viện Năng lượng nguyên tử Việt Nam đã có tổng số 20 công trình công bố quốc tế, trong đó 10 công trình được đăng trên các tạp chí trong danh mục ISI có hệ số ảnh hưởng (IF) cao trong lĩnh vực vật lý hạt nhân như Physical Review Letters, Physics Letters B, Physical Review C





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Tên tạp chí

1Estimation of effective dose rates caused by radon and thoron for inhabitants living in rare earth field in northwestern Vietnam (Lai Chau province)Le Khanh Phon, Bui Dac Dung and et al.Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Volume 306, Number 1, October 2015, pp 309-316
Print ISSN: 0236-5731
Online ISSN: 1588-2780
2Elastic proton scattering at intermediate energies as a probe of the 6,8He nuclear matter densitiesLê Xuân Chung, Đào Tiến Khoa and et al.Physical Review C,
Volume 92, 034608 (2015)
Print ISSN: 0556-2813
Online ISSN: 1089-490X
3Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion towards N=50: Spectroscopy of 66Cr, 70;72FeC. Santamaria, L. X. Chung and et al.Physical Review Letters, Volume 115, 192501 (2015)
Print ISSN: 1079-7114
Online ISSN: 0031-9007
4Extended Hartree-Fock study of the single-particle potential: The nuclear symmetry energy, nucleon effective mass, and folding model of the nucleon optical potentialDoan Thi Loan, Bui Minh Loc, and Dao T. KhoaPhysical Review C,
Volume 92, Issue 3, 034304 (2015)
Print ISSN: 0556-2813
Online ISSN: 1089-490X
5Low-energy nucleon-nucleus scattering within the energy density functional approachTran Viet Nhan Hao, Bui Minh Loc, and Nguyen Hoang PhucPhysical Review C,
Volume 92, Issue 1, 014605 (2015)
Print ISSN: 0556-2813
Online ISSN: 1089-490X
6Dople polarization of 120Sn and nuclear energy density functionalsT. Hashimoto, A.M. Krumbholz, P.von Neumann, A. Tamii, P.G. Reinhard, T. Adachi, N.T.Khai, A. Krugmann, D. Martin, H. Hatanaka, C. Iwamoto, at al.Physical Review C 92, 031305 (R)
ISSN: 0556-2813
7Low-energy electric dipole respone in 120SnA.M. Krumbholz, P.von Neumann, A. Tamii, Y. Fujita, N.T. Khai, A. Krugmann at al.Physics Letter B 744 (2015) 7-12
ISSN: 0370-2693
8Modeling the erosion-induced fractionation of soil organic carbon aggregates on cultivated hill slopes through positive matrix factorizationP.D. Hien, V.T. Bac, B.D. Dung, N.Q. Long, T.D. Phuong, N.H. QuangSoil & Tillage Research 155 (2016) 207–215
ISSN: 0167-1987
9Determination of selenium in geological sample by event–event coincidencetechniqueNguyễn Xuân Hải, Trương Văn Minh, Phạm Đình Khang, Hồ Hữu Thắng, Nguyễn Ngọc Anh
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol 303
ISSN 0236-5731
10In-house development of an FPGA-based MCA8K for gamma-ray spectrometerĐặng Lành, Phạm Ngọc Sơn, Nguyễn An SơnSpringerPlus (12/2014) Vol.3, p.665
ISSN: 2193-1801
11Determination of selenium in environmental sample by gamma-gamma-gamma coincidence methodTrương Văn Minh, Phạm Đình Khang, Nguyễn Xuân Hải, Trần Minh Hùng, Hồ Hữu Thắng, Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, Nguyễn An SơnProc. of the Third Intl. Conf. on Advances in Applied Science and Environmental Engineering - ASEE 2015
ISBN: 978-1-63248-055-2
12Calculation of dose distribution and dose rate at each dwell position in 60Co irradiator SVST-Co-60/B in VietnamTrần Văn Hùng International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) V. 02 ,No. 02, p. 1075-1079
13Water-soluble acetylated chitosan stabilized gold nanosphere bioprobesLê Thị Lành, Nguyễn Quốc Hiến et al.Materials Chemistry and Physics, 149-150, pp. 324 – 332, 2015
ISSN: 0254-0584
14Preparation of the vulcan XC-72R-supported Pt nanoparticles for the hydrogen evolution reaction in PEM water electrolysersNguyễn Huy Du, Nguyễn Quốc HiếnAdvances in Natural Sciences: Nanosci. and Nanotechnol., 6, 025012 (6pp), 2015
ISSN: 2043-6262
15Determination of PPt level chromium (VI) using the gold nano-flakes electrodeposited on platinum rotating disk electrode and modified with 4-thiopyridiniumNguyễn Huy Du, Nguyễn Quốc HiếnAmerican Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 6 (2), pp. 457 – 467, 2015
ISSN: 2156-8278
16Amperometric detection of carbohydrates based on glassy carbon electrode modified with gold nano-flake layersNguyễn Huy Du, Nguyễn Quốc HiếnAnalytical Chemistry Research, 5, pp. 14 – 20, 2015
ISSN: 2214-1812
17Influence of chitosan binder on the adhesion of silver nanoparticles on cotton fabric and evaluation of antibacterial activityNguyễn Quốc Hiến,
Đặng Văn Phú, Lê Anh Quốc, Nguyễn Ngọc Duy, Nguyễn Thị Kim Lan
Advances in Nanoparticles, 4, pp. 98 – 106, 2015
ISSN: 2169-0529
18Study on synthesis of silver nanopartilces by γ-irradiation and their fixing in porous ceramic for application as antimicrobial filterNguyễn Quốc Hiến, Đặng Văn Phú, Lê Anh Quốc, Nguyễn Ngọc DuyRadiation Curing of Composites for Enhancing their Features and Utility in Health Care and Industry”, IAEA TECDOC-1764, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, pp. 223 – 233, 2015
ISSN: 1011-4289
19Using 15N Isotope Technique for Study the Balance of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Young Rubber Tree -Hevea brasilliencisĐoàn Phạm Ngọc NgàInternational journal of Science: basic and applied research, Vol 24, No 5, pp 325-330, 2015
20Application of 15N dilution techniques to study influence of different urea rates to Nitrogen derived from fertilizer of young rubber tree Hevea brasilliensisĐoàn Phạm Ngọc NgàResearch journal of Agriculture and environmental sciences, Vol 2, No 5, pp 1-6, 2015