Functions & Duties



Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute is a govermental scientific organization under Ministry of Science and Technology, have the function to assist Minister to perform duty of basic research, research on application and deployment all the activities of applying research result in atomic energy field, technical support for govermental management on atomic energy, radiation and nuclear safety; organizing education and training activities in atomi energy field.




  1. To study and formulate directions, policies, strategies, planning and plans for atomic energy development in Vietnam, and participate in the formulation of legal and regulatory documents related to atomic energy;
  2. To conduct fundamental research in the field of nuclear science and technology;
  3. Research and development in application of nuclear techniques and radiation technology in the economic- industrial field of the country;
  4. Research, adapt, master and develop science and technology related to nuclear power plant;
  5. To conduct the role of a national technical support organization which is independent about: quality control, quality assessment for construction, devices and nuclear safety, security as well as envinronment protection in assistting the nuclear power plant;
  6. To conduct education and traning activities for technical staff of atomic energy field, obeying the national law;
  7. To organize investment, consultant activities in the determined function and duty.
  8. Perform the cooperation activities, connect different organizations, individuals in the determined function and duty.
  9. To co-ordinate the implementation of international co-operation activities in the field of atomic energy, and participate in the implementation of international treaties pledged by Vietnam according to the lead of Ministry of Science and Technology